Permatrim Hydrofoils

Eliminate cavitation problems by up to four times by increasing the size of the factory cavitation plate with an Permatrim Hydrofoil Outboard Hydrofoil. Marinezone stocks a selection of Outboard Hydrofoils that reduce the chance for the propeller creating an air pocket- the cause of cavitation.
You’ll be able to improve fuel economy, as boats fitted with an Permatrim have more lift in the stern. The hull performs more efficiently when on the plane, as well as being able to plane at lower speeds. Improved efficiency results in fuel savings.
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It will help you improve rough water handling as they allow a lot more control of trim angles and the ability to eliminate porpoising, to plane at a lower speed.
An outboard hydrofoil gets boats onto the plane faster by forcing the water the propeller normally throws out the top, downwards plus rearward and gives more thrust lift.
Lowering planing speed by providing more lift, Outboard Hydrofoil Permatrim enable boats to stay on the plane at lower speeds.
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