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Shore Spike - Powder Coated by SLIDE ANCHOR Suits Large Boats



Our original Shore Spike has always had its long lasting hot dipped galvanized coating, but we have added a second layer of protection, POWDER COAT. Many rad colors to choose from to match every style.

Large Shore Spikes -Large Shore Spikes -Suit Boats up to 30Foot / 9.14Metres.


*Excellent Tool for your Wake, Ski or Cabin Boat

*Shore Spike provides a reliable secure tie up point 

*Enough driving power to penetrate the toughest ground 

*Great for use on sandy beaches or lakes where their is nothing to tie your boat to 

*Convenient for anchoring in shallow water. 

*Top ring and lower ring for a rope or buoy to 
  be tied to 

*Handy canvas bag for tidy storage. 

*Quick to set up and retrieval ! 

Check out this video! - 

 Available in 3 Sizes 
 And also available in Stainless Steel and Galvanised options

REVIEW - 24/08/2019 · When tying my boat up to shore, I often have trouble fining a tie point. Even when there is a tree to tie to, the rope is often a hazard or a nuisance to deal with when walking on shore. This Spike solves it all

20 Dec 2017 -What is nice about it is that the hammer /weight is built onto the handle which makes it easy to set and remove. If it becomes hard to use it may have sand or dirt on the inner shaft, just rinse it and it is as good as new. They have two loops on them, a heavy one on the spike itself and thinner one on the top of the handle. I tie the boat and toys to the heavy one and a bouy / marker on the top loop. I’m so happy with it that I usually use it instead of my box anchor when I go camping and have the boat in the water for several days and nights at a time. This past season or the one before it a nearby camper told me I should get my boat out of the water before the winds pick up at night, I passed since I have the shore spike and when morning came my boat was right where I left it and I was able to get on the water first while everyone else was preparing to relaunch their boats. I’ve been so happy with it I got another just to hold the skis and inflatables in place

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