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  1. NZ$50.00
    Docking Line Mooring Rope with Loop - by Slide Anchor 11mm x 15 Foot 4.57metres - Multiple Colours
    Slide Anchor-Spanky's Ropes- Premium Quality 15' x 7/16" Dock Line- With Loop -Avaliable is several colours -Made from Polyproplylene -Uv Protected from Colour fade -Mildrew Resistant -Manufactured in the USA Great for tying your boat off at the wharf/beach/Shore Spike Trusted Quality. Learn More
  2. NZ$85.00
    Danik Hook Slide Anchor -Stainless Steel, Knotless Boat Anchor System

    STAINLESS STEEL HOOK , from Slide Anchor 


    *Easy to Use, Knotless Boat Anchor System 

    *Adapt Rope from  3/8”(9.52mm) – 7/16”(11.112mm) 

    *Lifts up to 3.2 TONNES(3299KG) Under Laboratory Conditions 

    *Quick Release 


    *Integrated Ring for Rope 

    *The line slides freely when holding the lever down for release.

    *The unique mechanism grips the line securely. 

    *Perfect for use with our Shore Spike and Rope.(listed separately) 

    - Simply attach one end of the line to your anchor and the other end through the line passage in the Danik Hook. The anchor line slides freely through the passage when the Danik Hook lever is pushed down, but is held firmly in place when released. 

    GREAT FOR ALL OUTDOORS- Perfect for boating, fishing, camping, 100’s of uses only limited to your imagination. The Dank Hook is extremely versatile, several applications – Marine, Recreational or Industrial. 

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  3. NZ$99.00
    BOW LINE / MOORING ROPE / DOCKING ROPE with Snap Hook 11mm x 40foot / 12.192metres - Multiple Colours

    SLIDE ANCHOR BOW LINE 40' /12.92 metres

    Top Quality, you won't be disappointed with!

    40' (12.92M) Bow Line Rope /Mooring / Anchor Docking rope 

    Key Points 

    Stainless Steel Snap Hook at one End 

    12.192m /40' x 11millimetre 

    7/16" Polyproplylene 

    Colour Fast and UV resistant 

    Floats on top of the water 

    Mildew Resitent 

    Proven Quality 

    Comes in Several Bright Colors 

    Works Great with Our Shore Spike and Box Anchor 

    Excellent Handy Accessory for Your Motor Boat! 

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  4. NZ$85.00
    ANCHOR LINE NYLON DOUBLE BRAID 3/8 X 100FT / 30.38Metres -with eye & thimble


    ANCHOR LINE NYLON DOUBLE BRAID  3/8'  X 100FT / 30Metres

    Designed to absorb sudden shock loads.

    Extremely Strong

    Very good resistance to Abrasion, Rot, Oils, Gas, and Marine Growth

    Spliced eye and Thimble

    Multiple Bright Colours Avaliable

    Looks great with SLIDE ANCHOR Box Anchors and Shore Spikes

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